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Gemma is supporting SAMH’s Open Up campaign – Week Two

Friday, September 13th, 2013

SAMH supporter Gemma Welsh is taking action every day to help more people start their conversation- check out her weekly video diary to see how she’s getting on!

Want to join Gemma in supporting the campaign? Simple actions like the ones in our campaign calendar can help more people Open Up.

This week Gemma reflects on how easy it is and how much it helps to have a proper catch up with a friend.

Watch Gemma’s second Open Up video diary

Dundee Flower and Food Festival – the event itself!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

And show day arrives – hear what SAMH Service Manager Kevin Bruce has to say!

Friday – Day One

The hard work is over and the results are in - drum roll please:

The Evergreen ‘Potager/EATS garden’ received a Silver Medal

The Chrysalis ‘The Amazing Sky Garden’ received a Silver Gilt Medal

SAMH’s ‘A Place To Sit And Talk’ garden received a Silver Medal

Quite a haul when you think about it, congratulations to one and all and thanks for all the hard work, blood sweat and tears. The opening day of the show is usually a quiet chilled out affair, with the big crowds coming in on Saturday and Sunday. Public reaction to the gardens has been fab so far lots of folk commenting on how innovative the designs were. A great deal of positive comments about SAMH as well and I must say hardly anyone this year is saying “what is SAMH”? people are now saying “oh SAMH, I saw the adverts on TV” so the power of the little grey box in every living room seems to have worked. Also got home at a decent time today! Looking forward to the rest of the show now…

Saturday – Day Two

Saturdays at the flower show are by no means the busiest day (that’s usually the Sunday) and I was only scheduled to do a “half shift” but as the day went on it became increasingly busy at the SAMH stall with lots of people asking for info on mental health and taking away lots of leaflets and materials.

The interest in our show gardens continues, people are taking lots of pictures and commenting on how lovely everything looks. Some ladies even ventured into the white garden to take photos…really wish they’d taken their shoes off though as the white decking is now a dirty shade of mud!!

Christine Walkden (The One Show gardener) had a brief wander around and Dave Ross from Evergreen managed to get a pic taken with her! We are hoping she will visit our section tomorrow for a chat, I also had two “glamorous assistants” today as Judith MacKinnon (Director of HR and National Programmes at SAMH) and Karen Gibson (Operations Manager at SAMH) pitched up to talk to the public, hand out leaflets and gardening advice!! I think they may even have sold some herbs!!

Looking forward to tomorrow, final day of the show and then the clear up begins!

Sunday – Day Three

The final day always has a tinge of sadness about it. It’s usually the busiest day so by 4pm we are thinking of tidying up and leaving the site for another year. I also like to review what we achieved so ask the following questions;

Did the public interact with our gardens? Have we handed out more than half of the promotional materials? Were the public inspired by our gardens? Did the majority of visitors recognise SAMH? Did we all have a good show?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding yes, lots of photos were taken, lots of questions about gardening and SAMH and this year, we genuinely had hardly anyone ask what SAMH does which is a big change from previous years.

Today Kirsty Keay (Suicide Prevention National Programme Manager) was interviewed by Bill Torrance of Radio Tay (and gardening guru)! He was also kind enough to pose for photographs with us both. Bill used to present the Beechgrove Garden and he has a lot of responsibility for me taking up horticulture in the first place, he’s always genuinely interested in our displays each year and is an all round “good lad”!

So after yet another extremely busy show it’s all over again. We have dismantled most of the stands and packed everything away to go to Kirkcaldy tomorrow. In February 2014 we will start the whole process again asking our gardeners what they want to do then the designs then the planning and before we know it we will be back at Camperdown Park setting up and constructing and having another cracking time…

Oh and we donated our prize money to SAMH’s Suicide Awareness Campaigns £400 in the bank for Kirsty and her team… Check out the website and find out more about the work of our suicide prevention team.

Gemma’s supporting SAMH’s Open Up campaign

Monday, September 9th, 2013

SAMH supporter Gemma Welsh is taking action every day to help more people start their conversation- check out her weekly video diary to see how she’s getting on!
Want to join Gemma in supporting the campaign? Simple actions like the ones in our campaign calendar can help more people Open Up.

Watch Gemma’s Open Up video diary

What a week!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Hi everyone, Carolyn Roberts here, back on the blog again. It’s been quite a week here at SAMH, so I wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you a bit about it.

Last week was Suicide Prevention Week, so there were events going on all over Scotland. Scotland’s national suicide prevention strategy is Choose Life, and its team did a great job of making sure the week got good coverage in the media. Here at SAMH we had several events running: they were all excellent, but one that I particularly want to tell you about is the fundraising bike ride from Dumfries to Glasgow.

This was led by the brother and cousin of Pam Tate, who took her own life last year after a long struggle with mental illness. The Tate family have been fundraising for SAMH all year and I was pleased to be able to show my appreciation by cycling the last couple of miles with the team. (I’m afraid the full 64 miles was beyond me: I’ve managed 50 a couple of times, but that was when I was younger and stupider!)

The team, led by Bruce and Fraser, were in good spirits as we crossed the line, and Pam’s family, friends and colleagues from Glasgow Caledonian University were out in force to support the riders. I’ve been so struck by the resilience and selflessness of the whole family, and it truly was an honour to be alongside them at the finish line. The ride has raised well over £5,000 so far, and you can still make a donation.

The other big event for me last week was getting to attend the final training session of the Scottish Homeless World Cup team, who we’re delighted to be supporting. It was brilliant to see how dedicated and focussed the whole team is in the run-up to their journey out to Brazil. We’ll be adding regular progress updates to our website, so do keep an eye out for that.

All in all, it’s been another hectic and inspiring week that’s reminded me yet again just what a privilege it is to do this job. Don’t tell my boss I said that, though…